A True Marketing, Sales and Training Rep Agency

It’s Time to Reboot the Manufacturers Rep Industry

  • Throw out the 1980 business plan
  • Make the 80/20 rule 95/80
  • Bend all the traditional marketing ideas, rules and experiment
  • Don't drink the corporate Kool-Aid

Let's focus on enhancing the skills of distributors and their sales people, all to benefit the end users. We believe not to follow the leaders, instead lead all our customer towards innovative & conceptual products empowered with the latest tools, technology and sales techniques, focusing on building a better soldier, reinforcing and strengthening your army while remaining lightweight, mobile and tactful. 

Our industry has never been bigger or better, look beyond the tree's and you will find that opportunity is sprouting up everywhere...!

Industries Serviced & Supplied

  • Janitorial Supply
  • Food Service Supply
  • Industrial Supply
  • Packaging Supply
  • Office Supply
  • Hotel/Motel Supply
  • Medical Supply
  • Hardware Supply
  • Rental & Tool Supply
  • Building Management Supply
  • Retail - Big Box Stores
  • E-Commerce Supply
  • Re-distribution Supply
  • Automotive Supply
  • Supermarket Supply
  • Construction Supply
  • Building Material Supply
  • Restoration Supply
  • Linen & Party Supply
  • School Supply

 It's All About The End User... 

Cherokee Most Effective Agency in the North East, U.S.

Cherokee's sales & marketing agency represents quality product lines with large market potential. Cherokee has pioneered some of the industries great inventions and concepts. We believe that focusing 50% our energy on end-users allows our reps to successfully use pull-thru strategies to help grow our distributors business. With over 200 combined years of distribution experience and Cherokee’s 21 years of representing manufacturers, our reps understand each distributor's needs. Based only minutes outside of New York City and two to three rep’s presents in all Cherokee's assigned major cities, our sales team uses a tag team system effortlessly and effectively. Cherokee has no intention of becoming the largest rep agency in the nation, what we always strive to be is the most effective rep group in our region. 

Cherokee's  working hard to 

become the best of the best.....!

Talk The Talk... Walk The Walk ...

Google Search

“Vince Marchetti Cherokee Equipment”

And let the search results Speak for its self…

  • Building a better soldier, Creating a stronger army .
  • A Product is only as good as the sales person presenting it.
  • If something doesn't change, nothing will ever change.
  • Lead by Example.
  • The process is to often more important then the product.

Saint Jude's & Make-A-Wish

Giving is Greater than Getting. 

Cherokee, the Marchetti Family and a few of our partnered manufacturers and distributors are big supporters of Saint Jude's and Make-A-Wish Foundation. If you have interest in either charity, please call us to partner in upcoming events. 

Thank you

Vincent Marchetti


Cherokee Training Center Planning in PA & MD

With the success of Cherokee's training , Installation & warranty repair center in New Jersey, we are 100% confident that our Cherokee value proposition, processes & system selling concepts will have the same impact on distributor and end-users in the Philadelphia & Maryland market place. The plan is to have a full service sales & marketing facility in all Cherokee's responsible area's by 2020.

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